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Chad Perkins

Chad Perkins discusses his comic book Blu Lullaby.

March 17 Wrestling History

First hand stories of wrestling history.

NWA Crockett Cup 2022 with Kevin Ford

Kevin Ford returns and we break down the NWA Crockett Cup 2022 Brackets.

Mark Dickson and Cream Maid

Interviewing Mark Dickson about his graphic novel, Cream Maid.

Peter Breau Returns

Comic Writer Peter Breau Returns for an interview.

Madness of Trip

Today's guest is the independent wrestler, the Madness of Trip.

Dante Dio

Today's guest is independent wrestler Dante Dio.

Hawkeye Finale Full Spoiler Review

Discussing the finale of Hawkeye.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Review

Full spoiler discussion of the Spider-Man No Way Home movie.

Corey Jackson

Independent wrestler Corey Jackson sits down for an interview.


A life and show update from Kevin.

Kevin Ford and the Gender Neutral Monarch Tournament

On today's episode, Kevin and guest Kevin Ford break down the At Odds with Wrestling Gender Neutral Monarch Tournament and a deep dive into independent wrestling.

Chris Lockhart of Pop Culture Pub Podcast

On today's episode, Kevin sits down with longtime podcasting partner, Chris Lockhart.

Robert Clarke-Chan

Today Kevin sits down with Robert Clarke-Chan to discuss podcasts, wrestling, children's shows, fatherhood, acting, and more.

Wrestler Johnny Moran

On today's show, Kevin interviews independent wrestler Johnny Moran.

The House Show Gets Ready for Retro Con

Kevin sits down with his The House Show co-hosts to discuss our upcoming Retro Con plans.

Retro Con Hype with William Bruce West

On today's show, Kevin sits down with William Bruce West to discuss Retro Cons of the past.

Jordan Falco and New York Championship Wrestling

On today's show, Kevin talks with wrestler Jordan Falco ahead of this weekend's Planet Wrestling event.

David Whalen of Correct Handed Comics

Comics and teaching talk with David Whalen of Correct Handed Comics.

Anchor Con and Life Update

Today's show starts out with interviews from Anchor Con. Then I end the show with an emotional update. Stick around for both!

Miss M of 'Diary of a Dorkette'

On today's episode Kevin sits down with Miss M of the Diary of a Dorkette blog.

Paul Axel and Jimmy Kucaj for 'The New Amsterdam Game: Gooseberry's Midnight Ride'

Paul Axel and Jimmy Kucaj sit down with Kevin to discuss their new Kickstarter comic book project.

Brock Relyea

Today Kevin talks with his friend Brock Relyea about our weekly trips to the comic book store.

Jason Martin

Kevin sits down for a one on one interview with Jason Martin. We discuss his current Kickstarter comic, PRINCE-S STARthief and other comics.

Joe Sposto of 'At Odds Wrestling'

On today's show, Kevin sits down with Joe Sposto, co-host of At Odds with Wrestling and Longbox Heroes.

Mickey Yarber of The Retro Network

Kevin sits down with the other co-founder of the Retro Network, Mickey Yarber.

Adam Pope of 'Wizards', 'Sequelquest', and More

Kevin sits down with Adam Pope, co-hosts of Wizards, SequelQuest, and many other podcasts.

Jason Gross of The Retro Network

Kevin sits down for a one on one interview with Jason Gross, co founder of the Retro Network.

Karen Flieger of The Retro Network

Kevin sits down with Karen Flieger, social media queen and writer for the Retro Network.

Tig Carson of 'The Attic Dwellers'

Kevin sits down for a one on one interview with Tig Carson of The Attic Dwellers (Nerd Out with Me, The Tig and Eric Show, Thee Movie Club).

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